I’m going to express all my emotions this way from now on.


You know how there are picture perfect pairs, and the dramatic angsty pairs, and the ‘we-are-totally-made-for-each-other’ pairs and all those wonderful, beautiful pairs

Then there’s this dork pair.

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xenocross asked: "cleric x sorceress #9 ° ∀ °"


I’m gonna get murdered for this

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It’s finished!

The protagonists of Dragon Nest: Sed’s Sudden Attack in order: Sed Novstat, Okiron, Benetta and Yuri.

All by the original artist and designer, TATSUBON.

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Hi, I’m oheka. It’s my first time to post on Tumblr. Nice to meet you :D

I play Dragon Nest and I really love shippings.

I shipping Warrior x Archer and Cleric x Sorceress >/////<

When I have a free times I’ll draw them again xP

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